All borrowers that have a USDA loan are required to pay an annual fee. The amount of the fee is added to the monthly payment amount, similar to the funds that are designated for property taxes and home insurance. The fee amount that is paid each month will change from year to year.

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USDA Upfront Guarantee Fee and Annual Fee for Fiscal Year 2017 The USDA has sent out advance notice that the Upfront Guarantee Fee will be decreasing from 2.75% to 1.0% and the annual fee will also be decreased from .50% to .35% effective with Conditional Commitments issued on or after October 1st, 2016.

USDA upfront mortgage insurance – All USDA loans require a 2.75% upfront "guarantee fee" (which is the name of the usda mortgage insurance) premium to be paid. This is calculated from the base loan amount.

In addition, they also lowered the monthly mortgage insurance or "annual fee" thus saving home buyers a pretty good amount! Today USDA announced that the guarantee fee for 2019 will remain at the same 1% of the loan amount. The annual fee will also remain at .35% which is a pretty good amount lower than FHA’s standard 30-year premium of .85%.

The USDA National Office just announced on June 16, 2015 that effective with guaranteed loan obligations on or after October 1, 2015 through September 30, 2016, the up-front USDA guarantee fee is increasing from 2.0% to 2.75%.

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There are two types of USDA guarantee fees, both of which can be deducted from your taxes. You can find the amount your USDA lender charged in upfront and annual fees in box 4 of IRS form 1098. The upfront guarantee fee you paid on a rural residence is treated as qualified mortgage insurance for federal income tax deduction purposes.

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the lender a one-time upfront guarantee fee of up to . 3.5 percent of the total loan amount. An annual fee of up to 0.5 percent also applies for the life of the loan. The lender may pass these fees on to the borrower and . may finance them in the loan.