· Newt Gingrich, who went from leading in Iowa to finishing a distant fourth, got walloped again in New Hampshire, taking less than 10 percent of the vote. He’s not a.

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Last week, she sat in the audience at Washington’s Ronald Reagan Building & International Trade Center listening to her husband, Newt. Gingrich’s perfectly tailored suits suggests she might spritz.

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After getting his hat handed to him in South Carolina , Mitt Romney did not tuck tail and wait to see if Florida would continue the GOP’s dalliance with Newt Gingrich or finally cement him as the.

Newt is a mad man, not that I find anyone else in the field the least bit electable, just that the others won’t do as much harm to the rest of the ticket.

Newt would be the smartest GOP candidate but he cant win because of lack of personality. He comes across as old bitter white man in the corner house that gets mad and yells when kids walk on his grass.

Newt Gingrich. Although Gingrich has used some tough rhetoric on the campaign trail, he once again seemed to be restraining himself on the debate stage, as he did in the NBC faceoff Monday night..

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 · Newt Gingrich is not presidential material. However, he could be a candidate for some prominent foreign policy-related Cabinet position in the event of a Republican victory next November. But America doesn’t need a Dr. Strangelove to.

This news made me laugh: "Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s campaign tacked on a new fundraising effort Monday, charging supporters $50 a pop for anyone who wants a photo with the former House speaker.". No Photo Finish For Newt. Just Photos By Madeleine Begun Kane. The latest Newt news is a beaut:

Clearly the ruling class is in a kind of anaphylactic political shock brought on by even the slightest exposure to Newt Gingrich victory speeches. if your candidate gets bludgeoned blame the voters.

Newt Gingrich on media coverage of Sarah Palin.. It’s obvious — it’s never been any more clear to me, that media bias. There’s a part of me that gets mad. But then there’s a part of me that.

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