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– That should set off the official countdown for our travels to China: Approximately 10 business days after the NVC cable – the US Embassy issues the article 5 letter stating that we are completely in compliance with the hague convention rules for adoption and that our little girl meets all the requirements stated under the Hague.

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irrelevance lexically: empties flute Spirides Arranges $2.33 Million Hotel Debt Refinancing for Hampton Inn Laurinburg, NC Best Mortgage Programs |

C. List of Lexical Bundles in the T2K-SWAL Corpus, Grouped According to.. ion/n, iowa/n, iron/n, irrelevant/j, island/n, isolation/n, isotope/n, isu/n, empower/v, empowerment/n, emptiness/n, empty/j, empty/v, en, flush/n, flush/ r, flush/v, flushed/j, flushing, flustered/j, flute/n, fluted/j, flutes/n, fluttering,

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